No More Sell Out Senator rally!

It’s the end of Portman’s two week state work period, but have you seen your Senator? He didn’t show up any of the March for Our Lives rallies. He’s yet to hold a town hall. That’s because Rob’s a Sell Out Senator! He doesn’t work for his constituents. He only cares about his donors, especially the BIG MONEY donors — the NRA and the Koch Brothers. It’s time we stood up and said NO. This rally is the beginning of that fight.

Bring your change and small bills. Portman’s received over $3 million in NRA financial support, which means he’s sold Ohio students’ lives to the NRA for $1.60 a head. We’ll be collecting donations to Buy Rob Back. At the end of our campaign, Rob will have to make a choice: sever his donor handcuffs or say goodbye to any chance of re-election.