PPAO Cleveland Action Forum


Planned Parenthood Advocates of Ohio supporters have played a key role in stopping extreme anti-reproductive health lawmakers from enacting their dangerous agenda before. With an unprecedented surge of attacks on care over the past year, we’re gathering for a Planned Parenthood Action Forum to work together with YOU to find new ways to win these fights.

At the forum, we’ll be:

– Listening to YOUR priorities for your community (Protecting equal abortion access? Supporting meaningful sex education? Fighting against systems of oppression that keep each of us from fulfilling our chosen reproductive destiny? We want to hear from you!)

– Talking about the major issues that impact your rights, both nationally and for us here in Ohio

– Discovering new ways to win and working together to create clear, creative paths to victory on the key issues that matter most to you

PLEASE NOTE: that this event is for members of the Planned Parenthood Action Fund only. That means in order to attend, you must be a current member.

As an associate member of the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, your support and involvement will help make sure that, together, we continue to be a strong and powerful voice for reproductive health care in the US. Becoming an associate member is easy and involves no cost to you. Membership allows you full access to timely Action Fund updates about campaigns, candidate endorsements, and volunteer opportunities in your area.