Just Stuff It! Help Credentials Stuff Our New Name Tags

Help the Credentials Committee replace PCP name tags in time for the September 14 CC. The name tags, with a new design that highlights the first name so that we can all be friendlier, have been printed (thank you, Erica Callaghan, ADL1-46 !!). This week, they will be cut to size (thank you, Colleen Davis, office manager, and office helpers !!).

Next week, we will need to stuff them into plastic sleeves. Two Name Tag “parties” will take place at Multdems HQ:
10am-12pm, Sunday, 9/10 – Leslie will host
7-9pm, Monday, 9/11 – Erica will host

Additional opportunities* exist later that week. Please contact Leslie Davis at 4vc2@lesliedavis.net.