Slay the Gerrymander: Bar games to fix democracy

Voting is the most fundamental act in American democracy. Unfortunately, through an act called gerrymandering, politicians have become extremely good at handpicking their voters, instead of voters picking their politicians.

Pennsylvanians are beginning to notice this problem. The Committee of Seventy is partnering with Fair Districts PA, one of the state’s fastest growing grassroots organizations, to showcase a new digital competition that will help you make your voice heard and demand reform on an issue critical to the functioning of our government.

Want to learn more about gerrymandering or the upcoming competition? Join us for Slay the Gerrymander, a happy hour of interactive bar games that bring hilarity and competition to a serious topic. Compete in the online hit “The Redistricting Game.” Try your hand at government quizzo. Try to put PA’s congressional district map together yourself. Plus many more. We’ll have prizes and a raffle, plus drink specials for our 21+ guests. Most importantly, FREE FOOD. Get out your tools – we’re going to map a fix to the bug in the operating system of democracy!