De-Escalate Washington March in Honor of Matt Folden

Thank you all for your patience and flexibility. September 6th is the finale date. Now that a few weeks has passed and more of the investigation takes place, we have found a way to do this efficiently, cautiously, and wisely.

I think it’s important to focus on the De-Escalate Washington I-940 campaign. I’ve spoken to a few members of the movement and they are interested in representing at this event. I have multiple ballots with room for signatures for those of you that want to support this innitiative and are registered to vote. I will be posting a website link for De-Escalate Washington with more information.

As for the march, I’m going to do my best to have Wenatchee World publicise it and have a photographer cover it. If anyone is interested in helping me organize this event, I would love the help. Stay tuned! Our valley is getting a lot of attention regarding what has happened and this is our opportunity to do something in the name of justice.