Gun Control – how to get there?

The United States has 88.8 guns per 100 people. Many of us don’t feel safe anymore when we go to school, in movie theaters or are on the streets when it is easier in this country to purchase a gun than a bottle of wine.

We need to demand a comprehensive gun control and make sure the second amendment is not used as an excuse for an unlimited right to own guns. It is not a solution to arm teachers and turn our schools into prisons. It is not a partisan issue for us. It is about our moral to save lives!

We want to focus on gun control in our April meeting and invited:

* Shira Goodman, candidate for Congress in the 4th district and CEO of ‘CeaseFirePA’
* Brian Gordon, attorney, civil rights advocate and founder of ‘Concerned Citizens for Democracy’
* Reuben Jones, Executive Director of ‘Frontline Dads Inc.’