Healthcare Is A Human Right: Fight for Healthcare for All!


The United States of America pays more than any other nation in the world on healthcare per capita. Not so coincidentally, the USA is the only industrialization nation in the world not to have a single payer health system. Our system has been broken for many years at the cost of working people to the benefit of select politicians lobbied by the insurance companies. Pharmaceuticals in other countries are often anywhere from one-half to a one-third of the cost in the United States of America. Insurance companies are an exploitative middle-man costing the USA millions & millions of dollars. The insurance sector contributed $85 million to federal candidates, parties, and outside groups in the 2016 election cycle.


The insurance companies need to be completely cut from this equation.By holding big business and the superwealthy accountable for their fair share, all people could receive universal & inclusive healthcare. In doing so, the state has much more bargaining power with the number of people insured through the national plan. We can say NO to being cheated on medicine and supplies. Healthcare is a human right. No person should be denied healthcare because they cannot afford it. No person should go bankrupt or lose their home because of medical bills. When healthcare is treated like a business, it values profits and not people. With a single payer system, such like one proposed in HR 676*, healthcare would be guaranteed to all people. This is the future we must fight for: healthcare for all!


Peaceful demonstration is a cornerstone of American democracy. Show your support for a single payer, universal healthcare system by joining us at Cathedral Square on Sunday, August 20th, 2017. demonstrations start at 2:00 PM. Speakers will start at 2:30 PM. Bring your friends & family. Through grassroots movement with the power of the people, we can persevere and accomplish anything!