Senator Murkowski: #KillTheBill Sit-In

Trump and the Senate Republicans are on a tight deadline if they have any hope of passing TrumpCare, and we’re going to do everything we can to stop them.

For months, Indivisible groups have been showing up at district offices, making phone calls, planning die-ins and more to stop TrumpCare. This newest iteration of TrumpCare, the Graham-Cassidy bill, is a serious threat (it guts protections for veterans, mental health, opioids, women’s health and seniors—and you can forget pre-existing conditions protections) and we have a short window to stop it. It is reported that there is a vote to proceed next Wednesday. The constituent pressure of Indivisible groups across the country has stopped TrumpCare before, and it will stop it again this time.

Join Indivisible groups around the country and Indivisible Anchorage for a National Day of Action at district offices on Monday, September 25th and keep up the pressure both before and after.

We will peacefully sit-in and tell our stories, show our constituent concern, and ask Lisa Murkowski to #KillTheBill!