Health Equity at Birth: What Will It Take?

Lateefah Simon, President of the Akonadi Foundation; BART Board Director for District 7; Board of Trustees, California State University
Moderator: TBA

In association with UCSF Preterm Birth Initiative (PTBi)

Racism affects all aspects of health, and for women, mothers, children, and babies, the devastating effects of racism can create vastly unequal starts to life. What can be done to create stronger systems for equity, beginning at birth?

Join Lateefah Simon, President of the Akonadi Foundation, as she shares her personal experiences and her hopes for health equity. Simon, who was born prematurely, is now a mother herself; she’ll discuss how racism affects the health and experiences of individuals and families, and share her thoughts on what communities, organizations, and individuals can do to level the playing field.

Simon stepped into her role as Akonadi Foundation’s President in August 2016. A nationally recognized advocate for civil rights and racial justice, Simon brings over 20 years of executive experience advancing opportunities for communities of color and low-income communities in the Bay Area. Prior to joining Akonadi, she served as Program Director for the San Francisco-based Rosenberg Foundation.