Knock Every Door for Medicare for All: SB562

The California Nurses Association, HealthyCA, Our Revolution and allies are launching coordinated #KnockEveryDoor canvasses in assembly districts across the state in order to put pressure on assemblymembers to move forward on SB 562.

We will be focusing on Assemblymember Raul Bocanegra in Assembly District 39.

Join us as we go door-to-door talking to our neighbors about SB 562, legislation that would establish a system of guaranteed healthcare for all in the state. We’ll never win single payer healthcare if we don’t start making our representatives take a stand and vote on it. Every day we delay in moving this bill forward, more people will suffer because of lack of healthcare.

We can’t wait until the next election to start organizing in our community – we need to go door-to-door now! We’ll start with a training and end with a debrief of our experience knocking on doors and talking to voters.

Let’s get to know our neighbors. Water and snacks will be provided! Let’s start to do the work in order to guarantee healthcare for all and the ground work to continue the Political Revolution!