Chicago: Strong Unions Protect Our Patients Rally

Rally and Press Conference to Defend Public Sector Healthcare Unions!

Thousands of Public Sector RNs, including NNOC/NNU nurses at Cook County Health and Hospital System (CCHHS), have signed a pledge to stand united and maintain union membership in the face of the threat of so-called “Right-to-Work” initiatives. The push for these anti-worker initiatives includes the upcoming Supreme Court case of Janus v. AFSCME, which will be heard on February 26, 2018.

The intent of “Right to Work” initiatives like the Janus case is to deprive union members of the unity and resources necessary to collectively advocate for: patient safety measures; workplace protections; and competitive wages and benefits that make recruitment and retention of experienced nurses possible.

“The power of solidarity is what enables us to be strong patient advocates. Budget cuts frequently threaten to close services that the community desperately needs. When the system threatened to close pediatric services at Stroger, we came together with other public sector unions at County and fought to keep pediatrics open! I pledge to stand with my union. I am a proud union nurse.”
– Martese Chism, RN, John H. Stroger Hospital.

“As a public health nurse, I am a public servant, committed to serving Cook County’s most vulnerable communities. My union makes it possible for me to speak up on behalf of patients and the public, without fear of retaliation. In these uncertain political times, I am pledging to continue my union membership.” – Joanne Lingle, Cook County Public Health Nurse

Endorsing organizations: * National Nurses Organizing Committee, National Nurses United, Reclaim Chicago, The People’s Lobby.
*Additional endorsements will be added