Call your Congressmen to request a town hall

If your local, congressional representatives voted in favor of repealing and replacing the American Care Act, aka Obamacare, but refuse to hold town halls, show up at their local district office, and express the need for your congressional representatives to explain their stance.

As of now, the House of Representatives has voted in favor to repeal and replace ACA with Trumpcare. However, to become law, Trumpcare has to go through 4 additional steps:

1. Pass an amended version in the US Senate.

2. Go to conference to mediate any voting differences between the House and Senate.

3. Pass in the House again.

4. Pass in the Senate again.

To help you make your voice heard loud and clear over the next days before the US Senate meets to vote on the amended Trumpcare, has put together an updated list for constituents to stay up to date on activist efforts to protect the interests and rights of The People.

The time is NOW to make our voice heard. Our country needs all of us to unite and demand fair government representation in the US Senate and House of Representatives. Resistance does produce results. Speak up.