People of Faith for Access to Medicines

People of Faith for Access to Medicines (PFAM) will inspire, organize, and nurture a faith-based movement to make access to essential medicines a moral imperative and a fully-realized human right. PFAM builds on the foundation established by faith-based organizations playing a central role in U.S. health care, culture, and politics, the strengths of the existing access to medicines movement, and the historic legacy of faith communities making essential contributions to social movements.

PFAM conducts outreach, education, and organizing at both the levels of individual congregations and at the highest levels of faith denominations. We publish a bi-weekly blog, “A Prescription for Change,” on access to medicines and the faith community’s role in social movements, we work with local congregations and communities as they reach out to their elected officials, and we provide guidance and support to faith  organizations and leaders who want to speak out on medicines access issues.

​In venues ranging from coffee hours in church basements to polished boardrooms to social media, PFAM is mobilizing people of faith to assert a morally-charged case for access to medicines.