Stop Sabotaging Healthcare Law! Weekly Impeach Protest

By attempting to sabotage the Affordable Care Act, the law of the land, the Trump administration is declaring that human life is expendable. By discontinuing subsidies for the poorest enrollers, slashing the ACA advertising budget, putting out negative advertising about the marketplaces, and cutting the open enrollment period, and supporting a health care bill that deprive millions of health care coverage, they are violating the law and risking our lives.

As part of the Rise and Resist Weekly Impeach Protest, union members, doctors, activists, and folks concerned about their medical future will gather in protest at Harlem Hospital on Thursday, March 22nd at 6pm. We’ll call out the ways in which Trump has endangered us in the name of greed, and demand that he and all elected officials keep the ACA intact and develop health care policy with ALL of us in mind.

Nearest accessible subway station is the 135th 2/3 stop. Elevator for northbound service at northeast corner of 135 Street and Lenox Avenue; elevator for southbound service at southwest corner.Bus connections: M7, M102, Bx33