Kill the Bill Rally at OSU

The Senate’s latest iteration of tRumpcare is equally as bad as prior bills and is gaining steam. The RepubliCons may be close to the 50 votes needed on Graham-Cassidy, but Portman has yet to weigh in.

If Portman’s a yes, millions may lose their coverage and Ohio will lose billion$ in health care funding. Even Governor Kasich–*no* moderate–is against this bill!

We must kill Trumpcare NOW because the unethical legislative vehicle that Republicans were trying to use to push through tRumpcare expires on September 30. That means they can’t do anything to alter the Affordable Care Act without Democrats from this point forward!

Please show up and bring a friend at this high-visibility location on High Street outside the Ohio Union at OSU.

Zombie attire optional. Signs and banners and noisemakers encouraged!