Amherst- Sanctuary in the Streets Rapid Response Training

Are you interested in becoming a part of the rapid response network hosted by the Sanctuary in the Streets? SiS has created a 24 hour emergency phone line for people facing threats from ICE and workplace abuse to call. If you would like to get trained to become a rapid responder, please come to this training! You MUST attend a training to learn techniques and philosophy for supporting individuals and families and responding to moments of crisis.

Childcare will be offered if people who register indicate a need for childcare. we aim to be as inclucive as possible to parents so please feel free to indicate that you would like childcare!

Register at this link!:

Our Goals:
1. Stand in solidarity and accompany families targeted by raids

2. Peacefully disrupt raids – we will bring our presence, songs, prayers, and bodies to peacefully disrupt a raid.

3. Put public pressure on ICE and the Trump Administration to stop all raids and deportations. These raids violate our values and we will not stand silent when ICE comes into a neighborhood and tears apart families. This action will shine a light on raids and uncover the persecution of immigrant communities in the US today.

4. Raids and the threat of raids send a wave of terror through the immigrant community. Sanctuary in the Streets counters this with a message of hope, faith and planned action