Citizenship Clinic

Becoming a U.S. citizen is one of the most important and valuable things an immigrant can do – which is why promoting naturalization and helping people apply is a key part of MIRA’s mission.

At our monthly clinics, we guide applicants through the naturalization form, step by step, and let them know if they qualify for a waiver of federal fees. People sign up in advance (usually 20–40, though at this one, our first after the summer break, we expect a larger group), and MIRA’s Citizenship Team, supported by volunteers, go through the process with each applicant, one-on-one.

The clinics include four stations: 1) check-in and registration; 2) screening for eligibility; 3) completing the application; and 4) quality control.

Important: If you’ve never volunteered at one of our clinics before, or haven’t done it for a long time, we’ll need you to come in for a training session on Wednesday, November 15, at 5:30pm, also at the MIRA office.

If you are a client, please call (617) 350-5480, x200 and leave a message if we don’t answer. We’ll call back!

To learn more, go to Any questions, please email

Please register through EventBrite so we have all the information we need. Thank you for volunteering!