AMP NEO: “ICE & Immigration Detention In Ohio”

Northern Ohio Detention Support Network, or NODS, is a collaborative effort to offer community and support to people detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. In the United States, citizenship is used as a weapon against people of color and is reduced and withheld in a variety of ways. Mass incarceration, deportation, ICE raids, and most specifically immigration detention are examples of racially motivated state violence. While persons who hold citizenship status are entitled to certain legal protections, incarcerated people who lack citizenship status are denied even the most basic human rights. ICE detainees, for example, are not guaranteed a day in court or reliable communication with their families. Let’s be real, ICE raids mirror fascist dystopia and we should talk about it. At this AMP meeting, we’ll discuss historical racism of immigration policy, denied rights, abuse, and legal policies that maintain this corrupt system.