Avalon, NJ Planning Zoning meeting

We will be livestreaming the Borough of Avalon, NJ Planning Zoning meeting, and would like to commit to doing this for the long term. This meeting is a significant commitment. It is held monthly on the second Tuesday at 7:00 pm and, given the agenda, can run as late as midnight. We will livestream the entire meeting, including Public Comment and any action that may be taken after a Closed Session.

The meeting agenda will be posted as soon as it is available, which is typically the Friday before the meeting. It will likely be related to an application by the Icona Golden Inn to obtain outside seating along 79th St. for it’s brew pub and restaurant.

If you find this a valuable service, please help pay for it. Depending on what level you can afford (even one dollar a month is appreciated!) there are very specific benefits for those who choose to become a monthly patron. In addition, for each fundraising goal that we reach, there is a distinct improvement in the service we can afford to offer, only further increasing governmental transparency and convenience.

Those who wish to contribute in different ways, such as one-time-only or through postal mail, please get in touch and we will figure out something that is convenient for you.

Looking forward!