Buffalo United Community Coalition

We are looking for volunteers from every neighborhood block to help disseminate information, gather signatures, & provide feedback to/and for your neighbors.

B.U.C.C. has partnered with Preservation Buffalo Niagara to start Our own Community Initiative entitled “Save Ourselves”.

The Save Ourselves initiative is about identifying neighborhoods that would like to be preserved thru National and/or Local historic designation, and assist those neighborhoods in doing so.

Buffalo is one of the oldest cities in this country. As, a result the whole city qualifies for historic designation.

This designation will preserve the community by limiting demolition, it puts the Community at the table of redevelopment, and promotes preservation.

In some instances, historic designation can also open up additional resources for homeowners living in that designated area. The resources will help to offset the additional cost of maintenance for homeowners.

The “Save Our Selves” Initiative is a community initiative that will allow every neighborhood the opportunity to PRESERVE, PROTECT, & STABILIZE itself.

If you are interested in helping us “Save Ourselves” please join us for an informational meeting at The Rafi Green Center, 1423 Fillmore January 19th, 2017 6pm – 8 pm

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