RadCute Presents: The Winter Clothing Swap!

Let’s subvert capitalism by sharing, build community by getting rid of shit we dont want & look like class A qts doing it.

Back by popular demand and the need for us all to look really, really cute and warm and comfy this winter: The RadCute Collective’s Clothes Swap hosted by Sunny!

Here’s how it works, you bring the cute clothes and accessories you’re done with for friends, aquaintences, comrades, crushes, etc. to pick thru while you do the same & then we all leave looking more rad & cute (and warm and comfy) than ever!

*Important Note* RadCute is militantly a body positive, inclusive, queer as hell collective and our events reflect that. This is a space centered on the safety and fun of everyone attending.

If you have any special needs or concerns for attending the event please DM one of the hosts or feel free to bring it up in the discussion section & we’ll do our best to help make sure you can make it! �